Is Your Health/Fitness Sinking or Swimming

Did you know that when you are eating properly & have enough fiber in
your diet that your waste will float in the toilet. Are you floating
or sinking?

The eating of plenty of fresh raw fruits & vegetables will not only
provide life-producing enzymes for health maintenance, but the
vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, & fibers for a healthy colon. When
you go to the bathroom, it should only be a long trip if you want to
steal away for some quiet time away from the family or some moments
of peace of mind or reading – not because you need the time to
eliminate. Your solid waste elimination process can & should be just
as quick as the process of urination, & it should be at least 1 or
more times a day.

There are some people who eliminate waste only once or twice a week
or even a month. These people need a serious overhaul of their eating
habits & /or their colon.

If you are having an elimination problem, try natural sources of help
like prunes, prune juice, psyllium or senna tablets. Psyllium is a
natural fiber that can help with the elimination process. Senna
provides a gentle stool-softening effect rather than the harsh effect
of some laxatives. Natural foods & remedies should always be our first
choice of action. You should try your local health food store & /or
try a naturapathic doctor for advice on foods & other remedies & make
some lifestyle changes vs. quick fixes might help for the short run.
If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you will keep on getting what
you’re getting.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, & the Life (John 14:6) & when we seek
Him w/our whole hearts, we will find the truth & the help that we
need for every area of our life.



the Way, Truth & Life Club

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